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Drops are a sales modality in which inventory is saved up and then "dropped" onto the website all at once.  This results in a large amount inventory becoming available and being sold at one time. This is the most common modality used by indie shops because it allows for higher output and efficiency from the very small workforces practically all indies have:

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Infographics used with permission of Gecko link to full size in Goblin Resources

The reason drops are more efficient is that they let shops focus on one type of task at a time. Switching between tasks is time consuming in general, but more specifically for small shops where space is limited and the area used for casting may also be the area used for shipping. Switching between the shop "modes" requires cleaning and prep. Drops can also deliver faster shipping for the majority of their sales by placing the designated shipping time directly following each drop. For a shop that drops on a Friday, a work week might look like:

Monday: Shipping, Clean Up, Customer Service

Tuesday: Casting, Casting, Casting

Wednesday: Pulling Toys From Molds, Trimming Bases, Washing

Thursday: Photographing, Listing, Promos on Social Media, Bagging and Prepping

Friday: More Promos on Social Media, Drop!, Customer Service


Higher output than MTOs or Full Customs

Low flop rate as makers can test a color and technique with a single toy before casting in bulk (another efficiency improvement)

Lots of promo material since the toys are available before the drop to photograph

Fastest time from order to ship

Many customers like the ability to "Window Shop" 

Lower CS issues as everything that is a flop can be removed or labeled before listing and customers can see the finished toy before purchase


Need to maintain more rigid schedule to build and keep momentum with drops and social media

Loss of customers who shop indie for custom made toys

Can result in a high amount of money invested in premade inventory that is sitting in the shop

Can be confusing and stressful for customers who are unfamiliar with shopping drops (gecko drop shopping resource?)

Risk of casting toys that turn out to be unpopular and must later be discounted

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