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Full customs is a sales modality in which customers are able to specify colors and pour styles in an ad hoc and flexible manner. Rather than order using selections in a listing, customers are often able to reserve a customs "slot" and will then converse with CS to describe what they want. This may include sending inspo pictures that show off colors the customer likes or examples of other pours that are in a desired style. It will not usually include sending a picture of a toy from a different shop and asking for an exact replica, as this is considered gauche. An example of how some shops do full customs is provided below, but specifics vary widely between shops; with some not offering approval photos or other not offering repours.

  1. A listing is made with a set number of "slots" available for each mold the maker has. This is done so that if a total of 20 slots are offered, they do not all end up having to go through the single medium dragon mold which would endanger turn times.
  2. A customer purchases one of those slots (which reserves their custom) and then must send a description, pictures, or anything else to help the maker.
  3. A toy is poured according to the request and pictures may be sent to the customer to approve the toy prior to shipping.
  4. If approved the toy is packaged and sent to the customer, and if not the toy may be repoured up to a set number of times to try to come closer to the buyer's goal.


Full customs are a good way for shops to build skills and learn new things since challenging inspo is fairly common. The customers who seek out full customs also tend to be more active on social media, and make posts sharing the toys they ordered and the inspo they are putting together for the next one which can help boost a shop's following. Also, a full custom listing can be used and "sold" many times which helps to boost search results, similar to MTOs.


Full customs are often challenging and can have a high flop rate. Also, setting good customer expectations can be difficult and can lead to higher CS volume. Finally the amount of full customs that can be produced in a given amount of time is significantly lower that what can be done with drops.



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