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Super soft silicones are not particularly abrasion resistant. High gloss toys are prone to losing some of their gloss from normal wear and tear, including the rough handling sometimes necessary to remove them from their molds. This is a physical abrasion process and can not be reversed by washing the toys. The most common terms for this are deglossing or mattifying.

When pulling high gloss toys from the mold, minimize the number of times you must regrip the toy. Also, use a firm enough grip to keep from having fingers slide across the surface. Using a lint free paper towel may help with this. Gloss toys should be very gently washed and not scrubbed with a sponge. If mold release needs to be removed but soap and water are not enough, try using alcohol to help dissolve the release agent.

Image shows a silicone puck from a cup test as glossy before being rubbed and matte after being rubbed.

Before and after rubbing the bottom of a cup test. The silicone loses some of its gloss.


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