Mold Release

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Mold release is a compound used so that a toy can be removed from the mold. Most molds used in indie adult novelty manufacturing are made of silicone and will chemically bond with the silicone of the toy. Mold release acts as a barrier to prevent this bonding and also acts as a lubricant to make it easier to pull the toy from the mold.

Mold release can be found from many different suppliers, but only a few work well with silicone-to-silicone applications.

Common mold releases used include:

Mann 200: An easy to use aerosol mold release from Smooth-On, and the one with the most history in indie manufacturing. The mold is given a heavy spray on first use and then light sprays in between uses. Do not allow wet spots or thick build up to form.

Images shows several mold release agents. Some of which work well with silicone and others that do not.

An assortment of different mold releases ready for testing.

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