Turmeric Test

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The Turmeric Test is done by rubbing turmeric onto a toy and then washing it off to see if it stains the toy. The thought process is that if it stains the toy, then the toy is not silicone; since silicone is non-porous and therefore impermeable to the organic dyes in the turmeric. The fallacy in this is that silicone IS slightly permeable to these dyes and lighter colored toys made of "real" silicone can still be stained. This test has also been done as a way to highlight pitting or flaws in a toy with the belief that the turmeric will fill the pits and make them more visible. Turmeric is able to do this but does not discriminate between sticking into surface divots that are shallow/safe/often a normal part of hand made toys, and pits that are deep enough to become sanitization issues.

At best this test is highly unpredictable and easily manipulated to achieve specific results, and at worst it will permanently stain toys and is therefore not recommended.

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