Last modified by Hypno Harem on 2022/07/19 13:01

What's Coming Next For the Wiki?

The wiki will likely be static for a long time. Lots of work to get caught up on and a new semester of school starting. There is a lot of information to be input with very limited time and resources after all. A lot will hinge on the kind of traffic the wiki sees. (google analytics and commenting are ON) If traffic grows, then open questions that will need to be addressed include:

  1. How to keep more technical information and walkthroughs from getting in the hands of minors or shops who are not committed to making quality products.
  2. How to recognize and incentivize others to contribute and share their knowledge with everyone.
  3. How to fund hosting for the site and stipends for writers / contributors.

For now information that starts to go into the "secret sauce that needs to be registered user only" will be marked with a 💚 to denote it will be moved, protected, and expanded upon in the future.