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Attn: Indie Community

ASTM Subcommittee F15.82 on Adult Sexual Products is forming!

What is a standard, and what is ASTM?

A standard is a guideline for how a thing should be done or what requirements it should conform to. There are standards for everything from baby cribs (to make sure there isn’t enough space for an infant to get their head stuck between the bars) to the sheets of aluminum used to make aircraft (so your next flight doesnt include metal fatigue failure over the Atlantic). There are many bodies that write these standards. 

ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials. Although they are the ”American” society, their standards are applicable internationally and they have members from 140 different nations helping to write and maintain 12,900 standards.

Who will be writing the standard?

ASTM standards are written by their members with a goal for all stakeholders to have a say. Each committee is carefully balanced between producers, consumers, and other interests. Currently, there are 5 indie manufacturers who have been accepted into subcommittee F15.82 to represent our special little section of the adult novelty world.

Why do we need standards for adult sexual products?

The need for standards is debatable within the indie world. Our group of artists and makers are uniquely collaborative and self regulate to an extraordinary degree. 

That said, our choice is not if this will be written, but rather whether or not we will have a say in what it contains. 

Will regulations hurt small businesses?

ASTM does NOT write regulations. They create voluntary standards. No one is forced to follow them. However, consumers and retailers can and do effectively “enforce” a standard by avoiding producers who cannot show conformity. 

Additionally, standards often become the framework of regulation. For both of these reasons, it is important that the voices of indie makers and the end users of their products are heard during this process.

When is this happening?

The subcommittee is being formed right now, but not any task groups. This will be a slow process and there is a steep learning curve for anyone joining in. It may be some time before more in-depth information is available.

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